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Before we get started on framing, we need to repair the foundation.  In this case, we needed to actually remove and replace the foundation.  We decided to lift the house up a little to make room for removing the old foundation and installing the new one.  Some timing info:  We got the house lifted on May 5th.  Got all the old concrete by May 8th.  The backhoe guy was here on May 13th.  We got the forms started on  May 15th.  We poured concrete May 22nd and got the forms off the same day.


Demolition      Utilities

  Foundation     Details   

Framing           Done    

It may not look like much but it's the first day the plumber was here and this will be a drain and vent for the kitchen sink.

The start of our sewer lines

Both bathroom sinks will drain here.

When we first started this remodel I was thinking I could do lots of the plumbing. After looking at this, I'm glad I am paying a professional!

Getting some copper in there. This is the guest bathroom sink and behind is the master bath sink.

A shot from the master side.

This is Jerry owner of Jasco Plumbing. He is TOP NOTCH! Really clean work. The only internet link I could find was this one:





Looing better with water and sewer, now all we need is gas.

Hot and cold running to the kitchen sink. The one shooting off to the left is for the fridge.

Ran a lot of utilites in the step that goes between the new and old part of the house.

Combining two vents into one.

Electrical is getting installed too. These are "eyeball" reading lights each with it's own bedside switch.

Bathroom lighting.

Heating is going in the basement.

and up through the master closet. That window will be recessed for a neat effect.

Heating ductwork in the celing.

More duct work.

Aluminum coated foam rigid insulation for a heat shield.

Heating duct.

Elias helping snap some lines to cut the rigin insulation.

That got installed in the celing.

And on the south-west wall of the house.

Mark installing the bathroom vents.

Got the fireplace installed


Heater on our newly leveled surface in the basement.

I installed all the speaker wires for the home theater and also ran wires to the living room. The blue one is ethernet.

Sub panel and to the right is where all the ethernet wires come out to a hub.

Almost done witht the heater. Just need to add the vent but we have to wait for the waterheater because they are going to share the vent.

Our heating system intake grill.

Stair lighting.

Got the insulation installed