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Finally!  It's time to frame!  Rob has been itching to frame since the start of this project.  Things will really start to move along now.  We started framing on May 27th.


Demolition      Utilities

  Foundation     Details   

Framing           Done    

Oh yes! It's the first official day of framing and two walls are up already. The first thing to be framed up is the lower level of course!

One advantage of getting a new foundation is having all the earthquake stuff in there. These staps really help hold the house on the foundation.

Rob and AJ got the back wall up yesterday with window and doorway framed in. It was only a half day for them.

Finnished sub flooring the entire first floor! We are now ready to start framing the walls and tilting them up in place.

The more astute of you may notice that we completely removed the two side stud walls. We got permission to do so to make it easier to build the new walls all consistant.

Came home one day for lunch and we had two walls up!

Three windows in our future dining room.

Came home another day for lunch and the front was framed in!

View out our kitchen over our range toward the dining and family rooms and the front door beyond.

Rob ripping a section that will be holding up the roof above our kitchen. The old house had fake 4x4's holding the roof. We are using real 4x6's.

The back is now half framed in! That is the actual pitch on the roof. It should match the units in the back.

Another day another wall is framed in. View of the back looking more complete.

We went away for two days and Rob hired a crane for an hour and a half. Wish I was here to see that. He got the trusses up on the roof in 3 stacks.

The next day the trusses were all in place.

Our new kitchen.

Front with some sheer panel up.

This is the front porch we are going to try and emulate.

This is the siding we are going to use from Hardi Plank.

I stayed home a day and helped Rob hang shear panel. It was hard work but we got the majority of the house done with the windows cut out.

We used a router to cut the windows and doors out. That makes it really clean.

Eve detail with some starter board.

Front view of house all sheared except the roof.

All sheared but the roof. Eves are installed all the way around.

Shearing the roof in 5/8th" ply.

Got our siding delivered.

Simpson straps that hold the house together top to bottom and front to back. Lots of nails in those things.

Interior view from the front door.

Rear view. It's looking like a final house now!

H-1's are the straps used to hold the truses to the top plates.

Our house from a little bit of a distance. It's a little bigger than the ones next to it but they are both one bedrooms while ours is a 2 bedroom.

Plus we get a front porch which will make it look great.

Rob and AJ working on the front porch. We love those big beams up there and our neighbor has admitted he has house envy.

What our house is ending up like. Completed framing in the front porch.


The beginnings of our big deck. Big bolts eh?

Rob and AJ placing the big beam.

Put up all the 2x12 joists and there you have a big deck.

Framed in the supply and return for the heat.

Custom archway to the kitchen.

Got the house all wrapped up in Tyvek

Stair detail. We are using some left over 6 x 6 posts we used for the porch and deck.

Stairs from the bottom. We like the way the light hits them at the top.

Got our windows set in one day.

Interior window trim.

View of the front with windows and primered wood. It's really starting to look like our house now!

Once the windows are in Rob trimmed them. Nice detail work on the trim Rob!

Added bitchethane adhesive waterproofing to the big deck

After trimming you can put up the siding. Here is a detail.

Added the attic vents

Had to order one extra window for the kitchen.

AJ installing the front attic vent.

Also cut holes for round skylights in each bathroom.

Imagine a beautiful tub there with a nice arch detail.

Siding is going up day by day.

View from our porch. It actually rained that day! Mid July and it rained. Glad we had the roof on!

Siding making it's way to the front of the house. Check out the cap on the porch walls.

We had our doors a friend gave us for a great price so we hired a guy to come in and make the jams.

Siding now going around the north side.

Porch trim.

Done hanging all the doors.

Ordered a front door but there was a mix up and it never got ordered from the shop. So Rob crafted one for us. We like it much better!

Elias checking out the new tub.

Stairs getting done.

Built-in bench seat

Skylight in mid process.

Skylight done.

Skylight from the roof without the dome.

All the holes in the roof.

House from our porch all sided and looking almost done.

House from the street. Siding is all done except for two little spots on the roof that nobody will see.